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Our Recovery Plan

The Recovery plan for the Giant Ibis is to keep the Giant Ibis and other members of the ibis family (but mainly the Giant Ibis) in a sanctuary to help it survive. In this shelter/sanctuary, we can have wetlands for them to breed and lots of food so they can survive. We would also try to have healthy food and healthy water. When we have more wetlands for the Giant Ibis they can produce more young and their population will rise and it will be less endangered. Though we will also try and make it as real and as wild as possible for the Giant Ibis. One way we will do this is by making the Giant Ibis create its own shelter/home (nest) and by sometimes allowing the Giant Ibis to hunt.

Our sanctuary will be a vast amount of land and will be about 1300 square acres. We will buy and preserve that land and try to keep it as close to the Giant Ibis’ regular habitat. There will also be Ecotourism which will help spread awareness for the situation at hand so people know to try their best to not hurt the Giant Ibis'. Not only will ecotourism help people to stop hunting the Giant Ibis, but it will also help people realize we shouldn’t cut down forests. Because by cutting and destroying forests we are also destroying the homes of and habitats of many organisms such as the Giant Ibis.

About our Plan:

About the Sanctuary:

We Want to Also Save the Homes of the Giant Ibis

As you may know, the main reason the Giant Ibis population is so low is because of forest loss from human development. Well we want to make sure that this does not continue because these forests that are being destroyed are the homes of this incredible bird known as the Giant Ibis. The Giant Ibis should not have to suffer from humans being selfish and wanting more land than needed to develop. We want to create and pass laws that will stop humans from destroying forests. Or at least laws that will not allow humans to cut down as much of the forests as they did with the Giant Ibis' habitat.

Our Goal:

Currently, the Giant Ibis is very close to extinction and is considered critically endangered. This is due to the fact that the population of the Giant Ibis is only around 200. This is extremely scary, and our goal is to change that.
Our main goal of our Giant Ibis recovery plan is to increase the population of the Giant Ibis. We want the Giant Ibis to overcome endangerment. This table below shows you the current state of the Giant Ibis population.
The Giant Ibis' population is currently decreasing. Now this is very sad because the Giant Ibis' population is already very low, and for it to get even lower is very bad. Our goal is to change this, and allow the Giant Ibis population to grow and increase.

Current Population & How We Want to Change It:

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