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Why The Giant Ibis is Important to its Ecosystem

The Giant Ibis is important to its ecosystem because it eats a lot of different organisms and has a diet with a big range.  It keeps a lot of species from overpopulating and becoming unstable. If a species like the locust overpopulates then everything that is connected (the locusts prey and predators) both populations will become unstable, because of how there are so many the locust. This does not occur due to the fact that the Giant Ibis consumes and stabilizes the locust population. The Giant Ibis is also very important because if the populations of organisms that are connected to the Giant Ibis (the Giant Ibis' prey and predators) overpopulate then the organisms that locust and cicadas eat will decrease in population. This is because the locust and cicadas will have an increased population without the Giant Ibis around. There are many ways that the Giant Ibis is important and I hoped you learned why and try to do something to save this incredible animal. 


Giant Ibis

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