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About The Giant Ibis:

Lets Talk To You A Little Bit About The Giant Ibis So You Know Why You Should Help Save It

Giant Ibis Description:

Full grown Giant Ibis adults tend to be around 39 in (100 cm) long and 9.3 lb (4.2 kg). Adults tend to have an “overall greyish-brown plumage with a naked, greyish head and upper neck.” They have dark bands across the back of their head and shoulder area. Also, the pale silvery-grey wingtips of the giant ibis have black crossbars. They tend to live around 8 years.

Adaptations of the Giant Ibis:

The only real adaptation of the Giant Ibis is that it is a wading bird meaning that it walks through water. Not all of the ibis family are wading birds making it a special adaptation. The Giant Ibis does this in order to eat because it eats aquatic invertebrates, eels, crustaceans, small amphibians, and reptiles.

Other Important Information On the Giant Ibis:

The Giant Ibis’ scientific name is the Thuambatis gigantea. The giant ibis is part of the ibis family. The ibis family is known as the Threskiornithidae. Currently, there is only around 200 Giant Ibis’ on the face of this planet, meaning that the Giant Ibis’ are not only endangered, but are severely close to extinction. This is an extremely scary low number of Giant Ibis'.

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