The Quest

Genetics is a topic that applies to numerous phases of life.


The following four issues are currently under debate:

- The use of forensics in criminal cases 
- Cloning 
- Genetically engineered food 
- Genetically testing for diseases


With respect to the four given aspects of genetics, how should federal funding for each of the research topics be allotted?


Everybody has an opinion. What is yours? Why should more funding be allocated to one of these topics? Should one or more receive no funding at all? 


In this project you will work with a team of three other students to form a consensus on how funding for genetics research should be distributed. Each member of your team will choose one of the given aspects of genetics to research. Upon finishing your research, you will discuss your findings and decide the team's stance on funding allocation. Your team will then create a persuasive presentation, arguing your agreed upon position.