Real World Simulation

Now that your team has compiled your research into a consensus, you can develop a persuasive arguement. Use this Persuasion "How-to"  (PDF) to create an oral and visual presentaion arguing your consensus. Your presentation should be focused towards the following audience:


A group of legislators who will vote on genetics research financing.


You will also need to create a 1-2 minute "highlight reel". This is meant to be a stand-alone presentation to be used to introduce your team's view to the a panel. 

Your team's views will be presented twice. 


1. Formal "complete" presentation. Discusses how your agreed aea is done, gives background information, discusses pros and cons and is aimed at convincing the legislators that funding should be devoted to your area of interest. (During these presentations you will need to develop formal questions to ask presenters during a panel discussion).


2. Panel discussion. You will select a speaker for your team. He/she will be introduced using your "highlight" reel, and will participate as an expert in a panel discussion.