The purpose of this project is for you to gain a concrete knowledge of the following aspects of genetics: genetic testing, genetically engineered food, forensics and DNA, and cloning. The main goal of the research is to answer the following question:


"How should the funding for each of the genetic topics be allotted?"


You should also come away from this lesson with efficient group work skills, consensus building techniques, and the ability to create a persuasive argument.


The main product of all of your research and teamwork is the  presentation. The presentation will be judged primarily on the content of the presentation, and not on the use of technology to enhance it.


All four aspects of genetics should be addressed along with the amount of funding each should receive, based on your group's agreement. Your presentation should have solid, specific supporting research for why your group arrived at your decision, including advantages, disadvantages, and explicit examples. See the rubric provided.