The purpose of creating and maintaining an electronic portfolio is for you to reflect on your education. The e-portfolio is a vessel through which you:

  • Showcase your work

  • Reflect and improve

  • Show growth over time

  • Document achievement


Remember, your portfolio is the last assignment you will do each school year. Put effort into it as this is a reflection of who you are as a student.


The portfolio should include a statement of your goals, and files which showcase your  best work. The electronic portfolio shows examples of different kinds of work, such as links to specific blog posts, presentations, files, and pictures. Each example is accompanied by a reflection, and includes the subject for which the artifact was created, a brief description of why the file has been included in the e-portfolio, and an explanation as to why this file shows what you learned.


You can work on your e-portfolio any time that you have finished classwork.

To create your portfolio you MUST use Google Sites.