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What do I need to do at StunConference?


During the StunConference:


The breakout sessions at StunConferenences are about 20 minutes long. Your teacher will have a timer and advise you when it is time to move to the next session.


Stay on topic and keep the conversation going. You get out of the session what you put into it.


Jot down things that you find interesting in your StunConference Note-Taking Document.


Your teacher will alert you when the session time is about to end (#time). You will need to post a hashtag for your session based on what you talked about. Hashtags must be appropriate, specific, relevant and posted to the platform your teacher decides to use for this purpose. The hashtags may be used to evaluate your participation in the session and ocassionally be published to an audience outside your classroom. Your Note-Taking document includes examples!


Useful tips for collaboration during StunConferences:

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