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Select one of the bottles from the tub. These bottles have washed ashore in various locations around the world. There is an ID tag attached to the neck of each bottle telling you where the bottle washed ashore. Inside the bottle is a note from a family telling you where they are located. 

Message in a bottle project

Your first job is to locate the currents which carried your bottle from where your family threw it into the ocean to where it washed ashore. You will then, individually, write a story about the family that sent the message, why they sent the message, and how it traveled until it got to you.


Your story must include:


1. A map showing the route your bottle took.

2. An explanation detailing how, if your family set the bottle loose at one location, the ocean currents you identified would enable it to go to the location where it was found.

3. Key concepts on density, temperature, salinity, wind or any other of the activities and demonstrations we did throghout the unit.


The story can be written as a story, essay, journal or log, legend or first hand account. Make your stories interesting and exciting.  Ocean currents concepts count, but creativity counts, too!


Your stories will be compiled into a book that we will sell to raise funds for AdVENTURE!

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