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These are the learning activities that take place in your class and connect the content to the learner.

Differentiating the process takes into account:

  • Learning style differences.

  • Multiple intelligences.

  • Multiple formats for students to access the material to be learned - Options are important!

  • Understanding what is the learning that is taking place.

Students prepare by investigating the topic. They decide what they will talk about and lead the sessions. Everyone is responsible.

Example stunconferences leading to PBL:


Imagine the Future



Students often lack the organization skills necessary to retain ideas. 


Multiple ways to access the content

Response Time

Create an appropriate space for students who need more time to process or that may be too shy to share out loud. Can remain open for those “I wish I had thought of this before” times.

Formative Assessment

Monitor student learning and provide ongoing feedback.


You’ve pre-assessed, taught, formatively assessed and now you know some students need further instruction or simply need to revisit the content.

In addition to the tools mentioned in Differentiating the Content Complexity and Readiness, there is also:

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