A badge is a symbol or indicator of an accomplishment, skill, quality or interest. In the Islands of AdVENTURE, you can now earn badges to show your commitment to learning and improving. 


Leveled Badges: These are badges symbolize your achievement in on-going assignments. Queries to award these badges are run once a week.


Project Badges: These badges represent the skills you have gained in a specific unit of study. Queries to award these badges are run at the end of a unit. To earn these badges, you must score at least 90% in all curricular literacy assignments for that specific unit, as well as any other assignment within that unit that states Badge. This means that you need not ask why you have or don't have the badge, but rather you need to look at the curricular literacy portion of your progress report. If you have not achieved 90% in curricular literacy, you need to look at which assignments have a percentage lower than 90%, improve them and request a re-grade as usual. It is better to do this while the unit is ongoing, as it will prevent any delays in you obtaining the badge. Bear in mind that submitting a re-grade request does not automatically give you the necessary points!


Commitment Badges: On occasion, there may be badges awarded for a specific purpose. The requirements necessary to earn these badges will be indicated and explained as they become available.