Dear AdVENTURE parents and guardians,

You may be wondering about this whole AdVENTURE - game business, and how it translates to the education your students receive in my class. In recent years there have been many studies done regarding the use of gaming elements (gamification of learning) as a way to motivate students. Much like in video games, and dare I say real life, the class centers around obtaining experience points (XP), and working collaboratively on the different tasks to gain XP. Instead of assigning a grade as an end-all to the learning, students can revisit work previously done in order to reach the maximum experience available to them. 

My goal for using this approach is to maximize enjoyment and engagement by capturing my students' interest and inspiring them to continue learning. 

That being said, all my classes and projects are aligned to NGSS standards, and the progression dictated by the Oak Grove School District. 

If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. The best way to contact me is through Schoolloop e-mail. 

Mariana Garcia Serrato