The geologic time scale is a representation of the Earth’s history.  It organizes Earth’s history by major changes or events that occurred, using evidence from the fossil and geologic records.  The time scale is divided into periods based on the order in which different groups of rocks and fossils were formed.


You work for an advertising agency and you have just won a contract with a very unusual client. Most travel agencies sell vacations in space...that is, you move from one place to another, spend some time there and then come home. Your client is different because they sell vacations in time...vacationers stay in the same space but travel back in time, enjoy some space there and then come home. 



The Task: As a geologic time expert within the Ad agency, you will need research a specific time era, complete a  data sheet to share with your client, and create an interactive artifact that accurately illustrates that era of the Earth’s history. You will then get together with three other geologists, and compile all your work into one geologic time poster to present to your client. (Think pop-up or lift the flaps)