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You may have heard of FLUXX®, a crazy & chaotic card game that's different every time you play. If you have not, do not worry. It is easy to figure out. The basic rules are simple, Draw one & Play one until you meet the goal. The twist lies in that the goal changes with every play, and the rules change, too, so having the right combination of cards to win is not as easy as it sounds.

FLUXX® is looking for bright young minds to create specialty science decks to their growing collection of products. For this project, you will need to choose a topic you have studied in class and that you found interesting. You will need to review the key concepts for the unit and use that knowledge to find connections between concepts. You will finally create a FLUXX® Mod for your classmates will play in class.

As with all projects, it is best if you choose a topic that you enjoyed studying. You may also wish to challenge yourself with a topic that you have not reviewed in a awhile. By completing this project you will have the opportunity to really review the content.



Keepers are the key concepts or big ideas for the FLUXX deck you are developing. You must create at least 16 distinct KEEPERS.

For example, if your deck was an Astronomy FLUXX, you could have SUN, MOON, STARS, GALAXY, etc.

In order to help you craft your cards, make a copy of this KEEPER Template, which includes 16 KEEPER cards.


Goals show the relationship between the key concepts “Keepers”. I recommend that you use a spreadsheet such as this example one to make sure you do not duplicate any goal (i.e. you have two goals for the same pair). 

Choose creative titles that show you understand the relationship.


You must create at least 24 distinct goals, and remember to use keepers more than once.

For example, using the same keepers in this goal, you could also have:

  • Space Explorer: Moon and Rocket

  • Stars: Sun and Alfa Centauri

  • Rocket science: Sun and Rocket

  • Night Sky: Moon and Stars

In order to help you craft your cards, make a copy of this GOALS Template, which includes 24 GOAL cards.

Creepers are cards that sometimes prevent the player from winning. Think of things related to your topic that could have negative consequences.


You must create at least 4 creepers.

In order to help you craft your cards, make a copy of this CREEPER Template, which includes 4 CREEPER cards, as well as the BASIC RULES card.




Action cards are used once and discarded. Players must do whatever the card says, then place it on the Discard Pile. Actions can sometimes cause major chaos, and yet at other times have no effect at all. Some actions may cause additional cards to be played.


Your game must have at least 16 actions. This template contains 16 action cards already created for you. You may choose to keep those or use some (or all) as templates to create your own.


Some considerations

New Rule cards are placed face up near the basic rules. If it contradicts a rule already in play, the old rule is discarded. New rules take effect instantly, so all players must immediately follow the NEW Rule as required. This may cause the player whose turn it is to draw or play additional cards right away, or it may cause other players to immediately discard some of their cards.


Your game must have at least 16 new rules. This template contains 16 new rule cards already created for you. You may choose to keep those or use some (or all) as templates to create your own.



Since we will play the games you create in class, I highly recommend that you print or craft your cards using card stock (and if at all possible laminate them). Also, remember that these are playing cards, so you may choose to decorate the backs. If you do this using a printer, remember that the image on the back should be flipped 180 degrees before printing in order for the image to be printed "right side up".



Open the rubric to check your work.

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