Welcome to EVENTYR. This is a land where dragons and vikings coexist. A land where risks are the norm and adventures are always just around the corner.  In this world, knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have, the more powerful you and your dragon become and the more trainer privileges you have. 


You belong to the village of Enni. Enni is a young settlement, and its citizens are characterized by being respectful, responsible and safe. If you are curious on just what this means, head on over to the Grágás by clicking on the map at the top of this page.



Image from: http://goo.gl/f7RTMt by David Graham McWilliam

How do I train my dragon you ask?


In order for you to gain Power you must accumulate XP. Your dragon will grow based on how many dragon XP you have. You can check your status in the Hall of Honor.


As a dragon trainer, you will complete different quests that unlock special boosters. These boosters unlock at specific levels of accomplishment in each quest.